White Oak

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White Oak

Oak wood has a density of great strength and hardness. The wood is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings, particularly when quartersawn. The wood was hewn from green logs, by axe and wedge, to produce radial planks, similar to quarter-sawn timber. Wide, quarter-sawn boards of oak have been prized since the Middle Ages for use in interior panelling of prestigious buildings and in the construction of fine furniture.

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  • Heartwood is light brown.
  • Some boards may have a slight pinkish tint or a slight grayish cast.
  • Sapwood is white to cream.


  • Open. It has longer rays than red oak.
  • Significant Variation in Color and Grain Texture within Species and Grades (however not as distinct as in red oak)



  • 1360 Hardness (Janka)
  • Average Dimensional Stability
  • More durable than red oak.
  • Protected from fungi and insects by the tannic acid in the wood.

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